farm store sign

Real Farmers - Real Food

Here at Monsour Farms, located 4 miles north of Bedford, PA we strive to produce the best quality grassfed lamb and beef you can buy.

Our philosophy is tightly bound to stewardship of the land and a belief that raising animals in a serene and natural environment is the future of agriculture and we are proud to have always done it that way since 1979.

Not only does grass fed meat taste better but it is better for you as well. We don't use any chemicals, pesticides, or hormones in any of our animals or our land.

The North Country Cheviot Flock

The flock enjoying the sunshine

Watering hole

Sheep family

Gathering to feed in winter

The Scottish Highland Beef Herd

Highland cattle

Cattle in the pasture

The Farm

farm sunset

Farm at sunset


Guarding the sheep

farm sunset

Working dogs having fun


Shepherd in training

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